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good morning. swept away, heavy rains in colorado send cars on a highway racing along a wall of water. at least one person is dead. the rest of the nation's midsection is facing more heavy rain. on their trail. a possible break in the california teenager believed to have been abducted by a family friend. the manhunt focusing on the idaho wilderness as authorities confirm the worst about their brother. a mayor accused of sexually harassing multiple women, ending rehab earlier than expected.
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saturday, august 10th, 2013. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning, i'm erica hill. >> i'm willie geist. lester has the day off. he works eight days a week. we gave him one morning to rest. >> lester, don't get used to it. we are glad to have you hear. >> are you saying he's up watching? >> i saw him at the elevator saying i was just sending you an e-mail. i said enjoy sleeping in. he said no, no, no, i get up early. i'll be watching. >> good morning, lester. the video of cars being swept away is stunning. they have been getting a lot of rain there.
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not just in colorado but many states across the country. >> we are going have the full forecast for you in a moment. we are talking about president obama who is heading off for vacation. on friday, he announced the government will be taking a closer look at a surveilness program and whether american rights are being protected. some talked about whether it may be a victory for edward snowden. a new book about the relationship between jfk and jackie kennedy. the story how jfk may have had a premonition about his own death before it happened. could your posts on facebook be driving a wedge between you and your friends? there's a thing called oversharing. we will look at the site. let's begin with the deadly flooding.
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dylan is here with more on that. >> good morning, willie. good morning, everyone. let's look at the video outside of colorado springs in southern colorado. look at the car swept away on a highway. it takes two feet of water to sweep away a car. there's more than that on that highway. at least one person is dead. officials are unsure if the victim was swept out of the car. the rain is coming down in buckets. it's actually monsoonal moisture producing the rain in colorado. elsewhere in southern missouri and arkansas, it's where we have had a line of showers and storms passing over the same area again and again. take a look at how much rain has fallen since august 1st. we picked up 10 to 15 inches of rain especially in southern missouri. also, we are seeing up to around a foot of rainfall in parts of kansas as well and northern
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arkansas. because of that, we have the flash flood warnings in effect and flood watches. this water really has nowhere to go. more rain continues to come down. today, southern missouri is getting a bit of a break. we are seeing most of the heavy rain, especially in northern arkansas. this rain is coming down at one to two inches per hour. look at powell, new jersey. this is a crane that got swept up in the flood and toppled right over. they are not getting relief from the rain. unfortunately, more rain as i showed you is on the way to the area. with the creeks flooded above their banks, the local rivers flooded above their banks and nowhere for the water to go is going to create more flooding. an additional one to three area and up to four inches in arkansas. the next two days, it will spread into western tennessee and parts of northwestern areas of alabama and georgia will see
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significant amounts of rain over the next 48 hours. erica? >> thanks so much. we want to turn to the massive search for a southern california teen abducted from her home by a family friend. this morning, authorities believe they may be on their trail. joe, what's the latest? >> reporter: erica, the search is really expanded this morning as more people arrive in idaho to help with the search. they have a massive job ahead of them. this is a remote, mountainous area. more than 300 square miles, we're told. at this point, the suspect james dimaggio and hannah anderson have not been seen since wednesday. dimaggio is a suspect in the murder of hannah's mother and brother whose remains were found burned inside his home. idaho became the focus of this manhunt after a horseback rider spotted the couple camping
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through the woods, hiking with camping gear. the rider didn't realize until later in the day who they were and the amber alert issued. crews began searching the area. a few miles outside the town of cascade friday morning, they were able to find dimaggio's bright blue nissan. the license plate was removed. they determined it was his car. it was spotted six to eight miles from where they were last seen wednesday. that should give you an idea of the ground they must cover. they will search by foot, by horse and air. friends and family held another vigil, a second one this week. they felt optimistic about the news out of idaho yesterday. on a sad note, they did receive official confirmation that the second victim in the fire was in fact hannah's brother, ethan. they were working under that assumption all week.
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an official confirmation was not made until last night. >> tough news. the car was searched for explosives. a further search is going to happen today, correct? >> we learned the car had been searched and there were no explosives but they must see if there's evidence in the car. they are leaving the car at the scene and treating it as part of the murder investigation. they hope to possibly search the car today. >> jeff in san diego, thank you. earlier this morning, i spoke to a friend of the suspected kidnapper, dimaggio and had been speaking to his sister. i asked him whether or not he thinks his friend is capable of what he's been accused of. >> anybody is capable of anything, if pushed to a certain level, i believe. obviously, there were no warning signs here. both families didn't see any sign this was coming.
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we hadn't heard much in the last month or so. it's possible that he started using drugs and possibly had a psychotic break or deeply depressed and has a plan. >> that was a friend of the alleged kidnapper who joined us earlier this morning. president obama announced measures to monitor the controversial surveillance programs. it comes months after edward snowden announced it all. >> reporter: good morning to you. before president obama begins his vacation here in martha's vineyard, he will stop in orlando to speak with disabled veterans. edward snowden has everyone talking today. it comes after a news conference on friday announcing snowden played a role in the timing that he wants to enact new measures
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to enact the surveillance program. the president announced working with congress to reform the nsa program that collects telephone data mandating more transparency by the court. creating a team of private citizens including activists to review the program. chuck todd asked president obama if snowden is a leaker or a patriot. here is what he had to say. take a listen. >> i don't think he was a patriot. as i said in my opening remarks, i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made the leaks. >> reporter: now president obama also, for the first time, addressed his decision not to meet with russia's president, vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g-20 summit. a number of factors went into that decision, including edward snowden. he down played tension between
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him and his russian counter parts. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language. he's got that slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom, but the truth is when we are in conversations together, oftentimes it's very productive. >> reporter: now, reaction to the president's new transparency measures came in swiftly before he finished speaking. republican representative peter king says the president was giving snowden too much credibili credibility. the aclu welcomes the steps but more needs to be done. diane feinsteineinstein wants t further steps. right now congress is still on recess. willie, back to you. >> kristen welker at martha's vineyard where the president will be soon.
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let's bring in jim cavanagh and john harwood. good morning to you both. >> good morning, willie. >> jim, let me start with you. americans on the left, right and middle were troubled by what they heard about the nsa surveillance programs and what the government had access to. should those americans feel better this morning? >> maybe a little bit. i think the country really completely felt about the whole thing. too far, too much. it needs to be changed. the president made a good step here trying to get voice into the court. he should do that. federal attorney that is are in the court. they operate very good. that's a model. there's more that has to be done here. the phone records of hundreds of millions of people has to
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change. >> a lot of people listening to this said the president is changing the scrutiny, but not the program itself. your newspaper, "the new york times" in an op-ed said the president is truly concerned about public anxiety and can support legislation to make meaningful changes. was there meaningful change announced yesterday or just a change in the way the government will look at the programs? >> it's on the margin. it's clear the president doesn't share the view of the new york times board on the validity of these programs. there is more opposition on the left and right than there is in the middle. maybe from the news media as well. i think what the president is trying to do is tamp down some of the noise but fundamentally, i believe he is comfortable as our leaders in both parties in the congress with the idea these programs are both necessary and effective in deterring terrorist
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effects. >> you heard peter king's instant analysis, the congressman from new york. republicans were saying the president, yesterday, surrendered many intelligence tools. do you think american intelligence has been hurt by what the president announced yesterday which was provoked by edward snowden? >> i think snowden did hurt us. the terrorists are going to operate differently. they are very adaptable. it will hurt us some. we have to fix it as well. if we let them determine our civil liberties, it's an awful thing. i read the paper the justice department put out, it's unconvincing, trying to twist the law into a pretzel. it's a hard argument. we need tools to get terrorists. we use them for almost four decades. we can get them. there's ways to get them in the court as well. this is the -- the president has
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to get it fixed. he made a first step, it's a good step, but there's a lot more to go. >> the president raised eyebrows talking about his personal relationship with vladimir putin saying he's the bored kid in the back of the class who slouches in his chair. what does it mean between the united states and russia? >> i think when the president said i don't have a bad relationship with vladimir putin, it was one of the least convincing moments because he described him as the bored person. whether it's personal or substantive agreements, it's the cancellation of the meeting in september. the relationship with russia matters less than it used to but it still matters. we need cooperation on syria and iran. this is why the discussions are
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continuing at the foreign minister level, john kerry. i think everybody would benefit, if the relationship is improved. the question is, how do you do that? the white house is taking a bit of a pause right now. >> i'm sure that line is not playing well in moscow this morning. appreciate you being up with us this morning. >> you bet. >> you don't think putin bought that one either? >> no. new information this morning about the worldwide embassy closure. jenna has all of that for us. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the u.s. embassies and consulates that were shut down over concerns of terror threat will be open tomorrow. the state department says all but one will reopen. the one in yemen will remain closed because of ongoing concerns there. they were shut down sunday after receiving a major threat from al qaeda officials. bob filner is wrapping up
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his volunteer behavior. he left before two weeks were up. his lawyer says he will continue therapy as an outpatient and return to work next week. it's called for him to resign with the latest coming from senator barbara boxer. at least two people dead and four more may have been killed when a small plane crashed into two connecticut homes. the pilot and his teenage son were touring colleges when the plane went down in east haven. the safety board says investigators are not sure how many were aboard the plane and how many inside one of the homes. the firefighters on the front lines in california continue to battle the massive fire. the fire is 20% contained and burned at least 18,000 acres. firefighters say the shifting winds are the biggest concern in
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that fight. a win for pop star usher caught in a custody battle, a judge ruled he can keep custody of his two sons. his ex-wife filed an emergency request for custody after their son nearly drown in the pool while a relative was watching them. we'll have more on that in the next half hour. finally this morning, when you are upset about something, do you let it fester, clench your fists or throw it all over the floor? which do you think french farmers picked upset over the low prices of eggs. c, venting frustration crushing the eggs all over the place. 100,000 eggs were dropped, cracked. they didn't know what else to do. they are not done yet. no.
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they plan on doing it several more times until they get somebody's ear. >> supply and demand. >> yes. >> it's going to be warm across the west so you might want to keep an eye on that. >> you have to get it out. >> you got it today. >> jenna, thank you. >> dylan is back with not just more on the news but a look at the forecast. >> it is going to be warm up and down the west coast and down south where it's another day with temperatures in the triple digits. we are focusing on the rain along the stationary front going nowhere fast. heavy rain in northern arkansas. it spreads into tennessee and across portions of the mid-atlantic region. it will be nice in the northeast with humidity falling throughout the day. temperatures pop out in the mid-80s. below average in chicago. high of 80 today. we are going to see more monsoonal moisture close to the
5:19 am
rockie good morning. it is 5:18 and waking up to fog in san francisco this morning, but not too bad. the temperatures are comfortable across the board this morning with 58 in san francisco and 60 in oakland and 60 in sunnyvale and 59 in san jose. we have fog right now, but later this afternoon sunshine and warmer than we have been all week. 66 in san francisco. 78 in san jose. 83 today in livermore. the temperatures get a little bit warmer as we header towards tomorrow, and then closer to 90 tuesday. . erica? >> thanks. a group of wounded veterans have a new job in front of them. fighting to save the greatest natural wonders. mark potter recently went to the front line of that. >> reporter: in the water off the florida keys, a floatilla
5:20 am
arrives to save the reefs. some are america's finest who have already given so much. they are all u.s. military veterans who lost limbs or suffered traumatic brain injuries and are part of a support group called combat wounded veterans challenge. the biggest challenge to come back whole after suffering the wounds of war. a retired chief who lost a leg says it camaraderie of fellow vets he owes his soul. >> it allows me to be the master chief, again. the loss of identity is back. it's everything. >> reporter: on this day, the vets joined scientists at a laboratory who grow coral in an underwater nursery. when it's big enough, it's replanted on reefs decimated. >> the great thing is our military mission is they want a
5:21 am
purpose. in transplanting coral, they have a purpose. >> reporter: another reason is to do research on how they can better use the prosthetic devices in water. there's little study so far. helping with that is billy k costel costello. he lost a leg in afghanistan. just a year later, he climbed mt. kilimanjaro. a group of florida teens who dove with the vets at the coral farm. >> i just want to say, gosh, look what this guy can do. he can climb mountains. >> reporter: wounded vets healing themselves helping and inspiring others. mark potter, nbc news in the florida keys. just ahead, two teens attacked. this morning, a message of thanks despite the injuries. first, this is "today" on nbc. so... [ gasps ]
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good friends, mayor, bobby tough, the 4-year-old, the hat. the fisherman. rest easy. he was reelected mayor. >> yeah. >> all right. last time he was 3. he's won the second term. you know, there's a special way of voting there. remember, they picked names out of a hat. you pay to buy the vote. who's not going to vote for that man? he's so dapper. >> you know what's on his agenda? >> having more ice cream. >> good. >> i have a 4-year-old son. he's done nothing with his life. this kid is running a city. >> step it up, buddy. >> my man, george, is slacking off.
5:25 am
>> come on, get with it little lady. still to come on today, could posting pictures on facebook drive a wedge between you and your friends?
5:26 am
good morning to you. looking life at some of the fog that is shrouding san francisco making for a pretty picture, but kind of cool start to the day. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist anthony slaughter. that fog? >> well, with us for the first half of the week and what we have been seeing all week long. today, the difference is warmer than it has been all week long. if it has been too chilly for you, today, the temperatures up by two to three degrees, but the real heat kicks in monday and tuesday. 58 in san francisco and 60 in oakland and the same in sunnyvale and today, later, plenty of sunshine. and places like san francisco and oakland, you will warm nicely into the 70s and back bay
5:27 am
and oakland, it will go into the 80s, but then temperatures will soar as we go into middle of the week. we are tacking in 10 to 15 degrees from where we were this week next week. so the temperatures are going to go up, and the fire dangers continue, and the summer-like danger continues. >> thank you, anthony. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating two overnight shootings that happened within a mile apart and within minutes apart. the first one near palou and epglewood, and police say a man was hurt when a bullet shattered his car window and five minutes later and blocks away more gun fire. police say that a man was shot in the forearm and the upper arm, but he was able to drive himself to the hospital. no word yet on whether the two shootings are related, but police are looking for two suspects this morning. one person remains in critical condition this morning following a triple stabbing in san francisco's mission
5:28 am
district. police say that the stabbing happened during a fight just after 6:00 last night in the corner of 23rd and south venice. two of the three victims are expected to survive, but authorities say that one is suffering from life threatening injuries. they say that it is not gang related and one suspect is in jail. what caused the initial fight to break out is still under investigation. this morning the families and friends of sandra coke are awaiting word from the kcoroner. authorities say they found the woman's body in an unincorpor e unincorporated area yesterday. the body has not yet been identified but after search teams from alameda and solano county scoured open spaces in oakland and vallejo to search for the woman, searchers were called back after the body was found. >> it was found in rural area and on the other side of the freeway from here, and it was an
5:29 am
area that was specific in our s search scope that we determined while still in vallejo. >> the coke family said she has been missing since sunday, and they are calling a high-risk sex offender who was arrested tuesday without bail. we have more news coming up at 7:00 and updated look at the forecast. in 30 minutes for that and we will see you back here in a little bit. with a drizzle of cinnamon. d it's a brand-new take on a morning classic. soft-baked oatmeal squares. new from nature valley. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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back now on this saturday morning. it is the 10th day of august, 2013. that is one cool cat there named bob. bob was once a stray. now bob is a worldwide celebrity. what is his claim to fame? a good one. we'll tell you about it. >> more about that coming up. meantime, look what the cat dragged into rockefeller plaza. nonstop this morning, on fire. yeah, willie geist. >> that was an elaborate set up for you to say look what the cat dragged in. >> mm-hmm. in for lester. great to have you hear. >> it's great to be here. >> we have a lot coming up
5:31 am
including a book about the relationship with john kennedy and his wife. there's new information about how she dealt with his infidelity and stories about jfk having premonitions saying when you look back at his own death days before it happened. >> you think you know everything about him and there's more. >> do you enjoy putting photos on facebook? of course you do. some people might love it. there's a study that claims you might want to think twice before you post. how to share moments without running off your friends. >> you want to keep them around. usher battling in court for custody days after his little boy nearly down in a swimming pool. we'll have the judges decision in a bit.
5:32 am
two beautiful girls maimed in an accident who were volunteering on vacation. they are dealing with severe burns. a warning, some of what you are about to see may be tough to watch. duncan is outside the hospital now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they were walking to dinner in east africa when men through acid in their faces. several people have been arrested. nobody knows why these two innocent teens were ed after
5:33 am
meeting bill clinton visiting the island. around the world, 1500 acid attacks reported each year. the victims are mainly women and girls. there are fears this could be part of rising religious tension in the mainly muslim country. katie told friends she was assaulted in the street for singing during ramadan. >> they were upset about the unprovoked attack on their lovely daughters. >> reporter: the islands rely on tourism. the attacks could stop people from visiting. the government is promising to take care of those responsible and offering a reward for information. doctors say the girls are doing
5:34 am
well. it might be thanks to the quick response of locals who dragged her down to the ocean. >> let's hope the doctors can heal them. thank you so much. time for another check of the weather. >> dylan, good morning, again. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we are keeping an eye on the tropics in the pacific where we are seeing tropical storm henriette. it is 165 miles east, southeast of hawaii. it is moving southwest. it will eventually degrade into an area of low pressure. it does stay south of hawaii. just wanted to show you where the activity is since the atlantic is quiet. this area of rain across arkansas, along the stationary front. another few inches of rain is possible across northern arkansas. flash flooding is a concern. the rain spreads into tennessee,
5:35 am
virginia and north carolina as we go throughout the day today. it looks nice in the northeast. good morning. at 5:35 a live peek in palo alto and you can see the wide marine area across the peninsula, and the east bay as well. the temperatures are uniform and close to 60 in most locations. cooler in the bay at 50s, but once we get rid of the marine layer and the fog, temperatures will be comfortable. 77 in santa rosa and 83 in livermore. temperatures will be warmer as we head to the upcoming week. close to 90 by monday. my mother-in-law's aunts son, john is here. we are distant cousins somehow related and diane's birthday. there's a thousand people in massachusetts watching. >> you just won major points with the family. >> they may be a famous couple in history.
5:36 am
john f. kennedy and his wife, jackie. a new book is shedding light on their relationship especially in the months leading up to his assassination that happened 50 years ago. it's called "a few precious days" written by chris anderson. as we look at the relationship, it's interesting. there's a photo that sticks out, which i think we have here, of the first lady. >> this moment is something. it's after kennedy gave his famous inaugural speech, ask not what your country can do for you. she can't hug or kiss him, he's got a phobia. he puts her hand on his face and his eyes teared up. if she were to caption it, it would be, oh, jack, what a day. it's their background.
5:37 am
>> they came from aristocratic families. it all changed. it changed with the cuban missile kris sis. how he's going to send jackie away with the nuclear exchange with the soviet union. she says no, i want to die on the white house lawn with you, jack and the children do, too. he was amazed. she was at his side. from that point on, there's a new closeness. she became pregnant right away with the next kid. >> it didn't start out that way. they have a 12-year age gap. significant. she's 23. when they got married it was a marriage of convenience for both of them than a marriage of love. >> he needed to get married. he was a man in his 30s. at that time, you had to get married if you wanted to continue in politics. they thought it was important. >> that's okay.
5:38 am
>> it wasn't okay with her. she was willing as long as she wasn't held up to public humiliation. she would take it. >> one of the things fascinating to me in the book is you talk about the relationship with the children. jfk has a loving relationship with his kids. he also was happy to use them as photo-opes. she did not feel the same way. >> she was like a lioness protecting her cubs. the minute she left the white house, jack called in the photographers and took wonderful pictures of the kids scampering about the ovl office. everyone else had to take the wrath. quickly, the title of your book, there's more to that. >> it's from a song called "the september song" from frank sinatra. the days wid led down to a peshs few and the precious days i'll
5:39 am
spend with you. he would get up at parties and family gatherings and sing the song. itis about dying. he sang it a few days before the assassination. >> nice to see you. thanks for coming in. the book is "these few precious days." thanks but no thanks to diners who want to bring their kids. posting on facebook may be a bad idea. it's after this. it's after this. [ female announcer ] enjoying breakfast together is a pretty wonderful thing.
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ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. this morning on today's relationships, the perils of posting on social media. people who post on facebook might be damaging their real life relationships. >> mario armstrong is here. nice to have you here with us this morning. >> good morning, thanks for having us. >> you were not at all surprised by this study? >> not at all. i could not agree more. i spend a better part of a chapter in my book on teaching your kids how to keep friends.
5:43 am
you check in and read the same few dozen people's status updates and seeing their photos over and over and over making you wonder, is this person that self-absorbed or nas cystic or do i care about this? >> mario, you might disagree about this. your friends go away for the weekend and give you a running blog of what they have been doing moment to moment but you are okay with that? >> i'm okay with it. there's a fine line. it can be troublesome if you are talking younger kids. we are talking a study looking at adults. the study is bogus to me. >> really? >> you have ways you can block things and hide content. you don't have to read it. how bad is it, really. are you just jealous because you are not in paris and your friend is? take a look in the mirror and question why you are upset. do you want that meal?
5:44 am
>> people may come up a lot. sometimes you don't have control of that. i kind of avoid it. people come up in my feed all the time. i liken it less to them posting and more to it's facebook. >> it's the way we keep up to date with people these days. i think there should be, i mean, let's face it, we shouldn't be posting every day about the kind of mundane things in our life. it's called a news feed for a reason. is what you ate last night for dinner newsy? >> it could be for someone that just made this meal, it's the first time cooking it and it's special for them. or i'm going to the same restaurant. i might benefit from that. it's a delicate balance. i agree, there should be value to what you post, but you don't have to read it. am i really not going to like you anymore as a friend because you are posting meals. >> you have rules. let's lay out the rules.
5:45 am
>> number one, make sure it's newsy. keep the the per am ters of one post a week. we don't need to see your daily. >> wow! >> really? >> what! >> why be on facebook. >> why are you using social media? go snail mail. >> do you have something that important to share every single day? >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh. i don't think we should be friends on facebook, by dear. >> oh, my gosh, really? i don't know you. >> there are ways to limit what you see and how often you see it. >> i think it's a combination of that with digital behavior. let's use some digital etiquette. post about things that aren't news worthy. let's not be show boating. >> what is the definition of
5:46 am
show boating. let me help everyone. i'm going to pull up something on the ipad right now. >> we are going to get cut off. but the good news is, i have a feeling you might share those tips on your facebook page, if we are lucky. >> one today. can we share one today? >> no. i don't agree with that. once a day, absolutely not. >> mario, thanks so much. we'll settle this off the air. next, the stray cat who helped turn one man's life around is now the cat -- i can't say that. the cat's meow. >> you rocked that. you believed that, i can tell. ♪
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gallstones hemochromatosis i'll look into that stuff we might pass onto to our kids... foods i might want to avoid... hundreds of things about my health... getting my 23andme results it really opened my eyes... the more you know about your dna the more you know about yourself... i do things a little differently now... eat better... ask more questions change what you can, manage what you can't i always wondered what my dna said about me... me... me. now i know. know more about your health. go to and order your dna kit for only $99 today. learn hundreds of things about your health at we hear lovely, heart warming stories about a dog saving somebody's life. in london, it's a cat that came
5:49 am
to a man's rescue. bob did rescue him, all the same. they were all but invisible, except to each other. a homeless heroin addict and a street cat. he was barely able to feed himself. he had a bad leg, skrauny, scratched up and sheltering in his apartment stairwell. >> there was something about that situation. he wasn't well. i wasn't well. i don't know. we were there for each other. >> reporter: deciding to save bob forced james to save himself. he kicked the drug habit, became a magazine seller and wrote down the story. the book became an overnight sensation and sold over 1 million copies of female fans.
5:50 am
>> we would like to meet him. >> bob is a special cat. >> reporter: now the once down and out duo is set to be up and coming in america. the book has just been released in the u.s. and selling well. there's word of a movie deal. the new celebrity status doesn't seem to phase bob. he's just happy to be spoiled with treats from his adoring public. james says he's pleased he no longer has to worry if he'll have enough money for the next meal. >> there's no way i could ever thank him enough for what he's done for me. for me to be here speaking to you today is proof of that alone. >> reporter: two broken creatures battered in life. a true life hollywood ending.
5:51 am
still to come from oprah winfrey to a reality show, we look back at entertainment. first, this is "today" on nbc. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch?
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5:56 am
nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good morning. looking live at a very pretty picture of the bay bridge lights in the distance. i always like when the fog shrouds the lights and it looks brighter. i'm kris sanchez with anthony slaughter who has a look at the forecast for the weekend. >> yes, it is looking good. the temperatures will warm up a little bit considering how cool we have been. the fog with us for the first half of the day as you mentioned, kris, and that fog all of the way across the board and livermore at 60 and sunnyvale at 68 and 57 in san francisco and san rafael. and later on in san rafael, you will get 78 and 66 in san francisco and the south bay and the east bay will be warmest with low 80s in santa terrae ta and gilmore, and over the next seven days the temperatures will warm up and highs approaching 90
5:57 am
as we get towards monday and tuesday, the coastal location especially santa cruz in the mid-70s. so it will be nice and co comfortable and more summer-like than it has been. we have been in a foggish pattern rather than august. kind of bizarre. >> i like that. thank you, anthony. this morning the families and friends of sandra coke are waiting to hear word from the corper. authorities say they have found a woman in an unincorporated woman of vacaville yesterday, they fear the worst. search teams from the fbi and sl solano county searched for the missing woman, and they were called back once the body was found. >> it was found in a rural area. i will tell you that it was on the other side of the freeway from here. it was an area that was specific in our search scope that we determined while still in vallejo.
5:58 am
>> coke's family says she has been missing since sunday. the police have called randy elana a high-risk sex offender as a person of interest in this ca case. they dated for a short time more than 20 years ago and he was arrested tuesday on a parole violation and held without bail. new details on the civil lawsuit surrounding the death of audrie pott, the lawyer representing the pott family say they have reached a tentative settlement with the attorney in the suit. they say an unspecified agreement is being worked out with the owners of the house where the teenaged girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by three teenaged boys. pott killed herself after pictures circulated around her campus after the party. the attorneys in the civil case could not be reached for comment. one person remains in critical condition following a
5:59 am
stabbing in the corner of 23rd street and south van ness avenue. two of the three victims are expected to survive though one has serious injuries. the police say that the stabbing was not gang-related. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" a stand off a quiet sunnyvale neighborhood, and we will tell you why neighbors are not surprised by that violence. we will have another look at the forecast in 30 minutes and the forecast as well.
6:00 am
good morning. good morning. it is saturday, august 10th, 2013. here's a look at today's top stories. wall of water, violent flashflooding in southern colorado sends cars race do you think the highway. at least one person is dead. more heavy rain and flashflooding in the forecast today for much of the country. dylan will have a closer look at how bad it could get. a horseback right fielder thinks he saw the abducted teenager with the man accused of snatching her as this story takes another tragic turn. showdown in court. usher facing off with his ex-wife over custody of their boys. this in the wake of the 5-year-old's near drowning. and despite the high drama after the judge's ruling, a tender hug between usher and his ex.
6:01 am
>> good morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm dylan. lester has the day off for once we should say. around the clock. >> does deserve it. outrage in southern florida after a teenage graffiti artist was tasered by police and then died in their custody. his family, florida authorities and the public are demanding answers. we're also going to tackle a growing debate over whether or not restaurants should be allowed to ban kids. one restaurant in texas is saying we love your kids but after 7:00, they're not welcome. another cafe owner in washington state got into hot water after posting a photo of the mess that kids left behind. we will tackle that debate later. >> a personal story as parents of young children. we have opinions. plus, a look at the weekend entertainment including the latest on troubled actress amanda bynes and oprah winfrey
6:02 am
says she was the victim of racism shopping in switzerland. severe flooding battering reside residents across much of the nation's midsection. dylan, keeping your busy. >> it certainly is, erica. good morning. a big storm system is slowly making its way across the country and it's been dumping a lot of rain in a short period of time. in colorado it's claimed one life. this is what an hour's worth of heavy rain can do. flash floods taking out a string of cars on highway 24 near colorado springs. from the mountain west to the east coast and onto the south, severe storms over the past few days have led to at least three deaths and hundreds of homeless. the immense power of floodwaters bringing a construction crane crashing down in powell, missouri. portlandville in central new york, a fan boat on the streets to rescue the stranded. on the streets of reno, nevada,
6:03 am
it's a flooded ferrari that sits stranded. missouri has been especialliy y hard hit. this security camera shows a the rising watt they're wrecked a repair shop in hollister. and in nashville, more extensive damage. >> we have 84 families that have been displaced, approximately 300 individuals, and a lot of them lost everything that they own. today these communities are cleaning up with an eye on the sky, watching for the next drenching downpour. >> even these little creeks that don't look like much can become a serious problem very quickly. >> buckets of rain that wash away people's lives. >> i lost everything. >> and unfortunately, the rain is going to continue. look at the rainfall totals we've picked up since the beginning of august. you can see nashville has picked up about 8 to 10 inches of rainfall, but southern missouri is the area that is hardest hit with some areas picking up about
6:04 am
12 to up to 18 inches of rainfall since august 1st. and it's only august 10th. wichita, kansas, picked up 8 to 10 inches of rain since the beginning of the month and more rain is likely. we have a stalled front so more rain will fall in southern missouri and northern arkansas where we have flash-flood warnings and flashflood watches. torrential downpours come down in a short period of time, that water has nowhere to go. northern arkansas is the area being hardest hit right now with some of these thunderstorms producing downpours at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour, training over the same area meaning it's passing over the same town over and over again e. and over the next 48 hours there is the possibility some areas in northern arkansas could pick up an additional 4 inches of rain. this is a slow-moving front that unfortunately will continue to bring rain to that region. willie? >> dylan, keeping a close eye on those floods.
6:05 am
thanks, dylan. we'll check back with you for the national forecast. now to the desperate search for the teenager who vanished from her southern california home this week. this morning there could be a major development in the case. joe fire is covering the story for us from san diego where it all began. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. we now have official confirmation that the second victim in the fire last weekend that sparked all of this was, in fact, e ethan anderson, hannah's 8-year-old brother. this news comes as the search enters its sixth day. but now the manhunt has a much stronger focus. friday night for the second time this week hannah anderson's friends and family gathered for a vigil. >> they're wonderful, wonderful people. they didn't deserve this. and but now our focus is getting my daughter home. >> reporter: this time they're strengthened by a break in the case. >> i think everyone got, like, a little bit of relief and hope that she's still out there and we know she's alive and know
6:06 am
she's okay as she can be for now. >> reporter: the investigation centers on a rugged swath of land in rural idaho, a few miles outside the town of kas dade cade. it's there on wednesday a horseback rider spotted a couple resembling hannah and james dimaggio, not realizing who they were. >> after seeing the reports of the amber alert, there was something that made him think in hindsight that was a little odd, i think i need to report it. >> reporter: searchers combed the area and friday morning they found dimaggio's bright blue nissan abandoned with no license plates on the edge of heavily wooded back country that will be searched by air and horseback. >> it is a very large area that we're talking about. it's treacherous terrain. >> reporter: a massive manhunt was triggered sunday after hannah's mother and brother were found murdered inside dimaggio's burned-out home. experienced hikers say dimaggio stocked up on outdoor equipment, and the man who spotted him
6:07 am
wednesday says it appears they were camping. >> from the account we received they both appeared to be in good health. >> though emotions are still high, hannah's supporters pray this is their final vigil. >> next time we're out here we're having a party for hannah's return. >> reporter: authorities say this search will not be easy. they have more than 300 square miles of dangerous terrain to cover. in fact, the spot where hannah and dimaggio were seen on wednesday is a good 6 to 8 miles from where the car was found. willie? >> let's hope hannah is found safe and soon. joe fire in san diego. thanks to much. now let's get the rest of the morning's top stories including another can you recognize surprise from san diego's embattled mayor. for that, to jenna wolf. >> good morning, everyone. san diego mayor bob filner is expected to leave behavior therapy today, a week before he was originally supposed to. he voluntarily entered the two-week program in the face of growing sexual harassment allegations. his lawyer says he'll continue
6:08 am
therapy as an outpatient, all of this as calls for him to resign continue with the latest coming from senator barbara boxer. at least two people are dead and as many as four more may have been killed when a small plane crashed into two connecticut homes. the pilot and his teenaged son were said to be touring colleges when the plane went down yesterday on a residential street in east haven. the national transportation safety board says investigators are not sure how many people were aboard the plane and how many were inside one of the homes. arizona's top politicians are furious over the federal government's decision not to provide relief aid in the wake of the state's deadly wildfire. the fire killed 19 firefighters back in june. fema said it denied the state's request based on insurance rules. the agency often decided not issue major disaster declarations for the affected areas. mixed reaction for alex rodriguez playing his first home game at yankee stadium, first home game since he was suspended for violating major league baseball's drug policy last
6:09 am
week. a-rod greeted with lots of booing, as expected, which continued throughout the game. since a-rod is appealing the 211-game suspension, he is still allowed to play. went 0 for 4 during friday night's game against the detroit tige tigers, so i'm sure that will help his cause quite a bit. finally, imagine if you didn't know you were pregnant until you woke up one day and had a baby. on behalf of this gargantuan belly i'm carrying around, that is unimaginable for people. but apparently not for pandas. zookeepers at edinburgh's zoo say there are, quote, strong indications that its giant panda is pregnant. they don't know for sure. they say she's moody, restless, and difficult. she's pregnant! she was artificially inseminated in april after two failed attempts to mate naturally, even with scientists playing romantic music to get them in the mood and wine and flowers and a heart-shaped tub. i made that last one out.
6:10 am
potentially due in a month would be the first giant panda born in the uk. >> you know what the most upsetting fun fact of the panda is? >> talk to me. >> when the baby is born it's the size of a stick of butter. from a panda. >> did not know that. >> don't you love the panda now? >> love the panda. >> can i recap -- moody, restless, and difficult? look, i don't know because i'm just a walking ray of sunshine. but i think that panda is pregers. i'm going on a limb. >> the way you're screaming at the camera like that, i don't know what you're talking about. >> i got a little verklempt. >> let's check the weather with dylan. >> more heavy rainfall in northern arkansas, especially through the morning but it will taper off this afternoon. it's that stalled front that's not going anywhere. we'll see that rain spread into eastern tennessee, then north carolina and virginia later today. 85 degrees through the plains where it will be nice and sunny and dry today. monsoonal moisture still bringing heavier pockets of rain
6:11 am
to the eastern rockies. it's only 63 degrees today in central california. that's good morning. at 6:11, waking foup the clouds and the low drizzle as the clouds across the south bay and the peninsula this morning and everywhere across the boards we are talking about the clouds and the drizzle. 59 in san jose, and 60 in santa cruz, and you will be at 72 later today and 78 in san jose, and 78 in livermore. the temperatures will warm up by monday or tuesday. and we will be in the mid 60s. that's the latest forecast. erica? >> thanks. >> president obama is headed off on vacation today to martha's vineyard after announcing he'll take a fresh look at the controversial surveillance program. is this a victory for edward snowden? kristen welker has more on that. good morning.
6:12 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. president obama will stop in orlando to speak with disabled veterans before getting his vacation here. it is edward snowden who has everyone talking today. edward snowden is still hiding out in russia. this morning, some are crediting him with a win over the federal government after president obama unveiled new transparency measures for his surveillance program friday admitting snowden's influence. >> there's no doubt the leaks triggered a more rapid and passionate response. i actually think we would have gotten to the same place and we would have done so without putting at risk our national security. >> reporter: still, the president remains defiant about snowden. >> has your mind set changed about him? is he now more whistleblower than hacker? is he a patriot? >> i don't think he was a
6:13 am
patriot. as i said in my opening remarks, i called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these claims. >> reporter: as for the new measures, the president says they are aimed at restoring measures in the government. they include working with congress to reform the nsa program that collects telephone records, ordering more transparency by the surveillance court that is approves the surveillance and creating a team of private citizens to review the program. step that is are now igniting fresh debate. representative peter king accused the president of giving a traitor too much credibility. aclu calls the reforms welcome, but not sufficient. political analysts say there's no debating snowden's impact. >> i don't have a reason to doubt the president that the changes were coming. my guess is if they were coming, they got sped up a little bit
6:14 am
and maybe made a bit stricter in terms of the nsa. >> reporter: now also during his news conference, president obama slamm emed congressional republicans for defunding the health care law. republican leadership signaled it's a tactic they don't want to take. it's a debate that has to wait until september when congress is in session. back to you. >> thanks. still to come, dylan transforms herself. meteorologist weather whiz to professional princess. it's in there. she just has to find it. >> could it be a recipe for trouble when a restaurant in texas tells parents don't bring your kids to dinner. at least not after a certain hour. more after this. my asthma's under control.
6:15 am
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tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. as the proud parents of young children who we occasionally allow out in public, because we are hungry, i can relate to the story. >> they leave things behind sometimes. >> they are known for that. >> sometimes you watch them by your side and other times you want a nice quiet dinner. now restaurants are telling parents to leave those kids at home. >> hello. i understand that your child and i have to co-exist in the city, but perhaps you can take him
6:18 am
somewhere more appropriate for a happy meal. >> reporter: across the country, restaurants are taking the lead on getting tough on tots. this restaurant is the latest to enforce a baby ban. their policy, no kids under 8 after 7:00 p.m. >> it's a good idea. >> a country that talks about family values yet we don't support families. >> part of the experience of being in a restaurant is the ambience. >> reporter: in lake stephens, washington, they took their frustrations out on social media posting like to thank a moment to thank customers with small children who don't make a mess. >> we like kids. it's not a matter of not liking kids, it's executing my rights. >> i think lots of restaurants try to personalize the experience for their customers. it's up to them to decide who
6:19 am
they want in the restaurant. >> reporter: the owner of this restaurant says since he started enforcing his rule, his business has grown. >> 11-1 in favor of my position. a lot of e-mails thanking me for what i have done. >> reporter: this sushi bar, their policy, 18 and over all times of the day, all days of the week. >> in north carolina, oeld salty says you scream, you're out. >> i'm sure restaurants aren't doing it to make a point. they are doing it to make money. >> reporter: giving diners something to chew on. for "today," nbc news new york. >> we posted a highly unscientific poll asking if you would be more likely to frequent restaurants that banned kids in the evening. you responded overwhelmingly, yes.
6:20 am
75%. >> 75% yes, you would be more likely to eat there. 20% no. we go to these restaurants all the time. there are 1,000 places to go. if a restaurant decides to do that, there are other places to go. >> i have no problem with it. my kids are far from perfect all the time. love you boys. but there are certain places kids should be and not be. on occasions it's past their bedtime, they can't be seated for that long in a restaurant. >> clean up after your kids. get the crayons and the crumbs. sweep before you walk out. >> jenna knows all these things. >> just ahead, there is a new twist in the saga of amanda bynes. we'll have the latest on that for you. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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still ahead, hit singer usher battling in court custody of his son. >> first, these messages. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart,
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good morning to you. looking live at freemont shrouded in a blanket of fog. anthony slaughter is here to something he is calling fogust and not august. sticking around for the early part of the day? >> yes, the east bay and the south bay, we will see the fog and the low clouds until 10:00 or 11:00. if you live in the peninsula or the san francisco bay, you will see the cloud cover for the first half of the day, but the marine layer is thin today, so it will burn off quickly. 61 in oakland and 61 in livermore as well. if you are headed out to the jazz comfortable, comfortable, 83 in livermore and 81 in concord, and 81 in san
6:27 am
francisco, and good music there to accompany you. sunshine across the board. we will stick around with that pattern through the upcoming week, but the difference is that temperatures will climb each and everyday. so we will be close to 90 monday. >> we will take a blast of summ summer. thank you, anthony. this morning san francisco police are investigating two shootings that happened less than a mile apart and within five minutes. the first happened in palau avenue and ingalls street. police say a man was hurt when a bullet shattered his window, and then blocks away, more gun fire. police say a man was shot in the upper arm and forearm and was able to drive himself to the hospital. no word if the shootings are related, but police are looking for two suspects this morning. this morning, family and friends of sandra coke are awaiting word from a coroner.
6:28 am
police say they found a woman's body in unincorporated area yesterday. after the search teams from alameda and solana searched an area and found the body, the search crews were called back. >> it was found in a rural area and awill tell you it was on the other side of the freeway here. it was an area that was specific in our search scope that we determined while still in vallejo. >> coke's family says she has been missing since sunday. police have called randy alana, a high-degree sex offender a person of interest in the case. he was arrested tuesday on a parole violation and being held without bail. it seems that commuters will be spared another b.a.r.t. strike at least for a while. governor brown says that he will
6:29 am
use the executive powers the order a cooling off period if b.a.r.t. and the unions don't reach a contract agreement this weekend. the one-week contract extension ordered by the governor last sunday will expire monday morning. san francisco superior court is ca calling an emergency session tomorrow to consider the governor's request. the court ultimately has the power to grant that order. the order will keep the trains rolling by b.a.r.t. even if an agreement is not reached. and we will see you here in a half hour. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning. it is the 10th day of august, 2013. it's shaping up to be a gorgeous day here in the northeast. lucky us, we have a good amount of people who have stopped by to share the morning with us on the plaza. thank you for coming down. there we go. there we go. it's saturday morning. we get it. i'm erica hill along with willie geist in for lester holt. still to come, a story that has a lot of people in south florida upset. a teenage graffiti artist tasered by police then later died. his family wants answers. it's been a tough week for r & b star usher.
6:31 am
his son got stuck in the bottom of a swimming pool. now his ex-wife taking him to court asking for emergency custody of the boy. coming up, we go inside the courtroom to hear the ruling. we're going to take a turn to see what else is happening in the wide, wide world of entertainment. coming up from speculation of why wedding bells could ring this weekend for jennifer aniston and lee ann rhymes in a reality show about her controversial marriage. every girl has dreamed of becoming a princess. i got to try it out for real. this is not all fun and games. i'll show you whether or not i was able to pull it off at a princess tea party. it was so hard. it's not easy. >> it's not. for two hours. >> what's easier, meteorology or
6:32 am
princess? >> four years of calculus, easier. we are heading to hastings, nebraska for the top spot. the kool-aid spot. hastings, the birthplace of kool-aid celebrates this. if you are lucky, you can meet the kool-aid man himself. oh, yeah. i remember that from the commercials in the' 90s. there's always a mab you can write on. this is a map of new york, arkansas is nowhere on that map. we are going to see a good amount of rain in northern arkansas especially through the morning. rainfall rates one to two inches per hour. that is not helping with the flooding in that region. the rain is going to spread eastward over the course of a day into western tennessee where they could end up with two to three inches of rainfall.
6:33 am
monsoonal moisture east of the rockies produce heavier downpours. tomorrow, off and on showers and thunderstorms through minnesota and up through iowa and the heavier rain in the southeast. the front will continue to produce another several inches of rain in are good morning. at 6:33, we are wake up to fog and clouds. the golden gate there, and the marine layer is not extensive and the temperatures are going to be warmer than all week long. 58 in san francisco, and 61 in oakland and 59 in san jose. later today, you will be at 81 san jose. and in santa cruz, 66, and again, once you get to the afternoon hours the temperatures will warm up and also as we get to the upcoming week. your latest forecast. willie? >> thanks very much. authorities in florida are looking at the tragic death of a
6:34 am
teenager in that state. the graffiti artist died in their custody after police tasered him. >> reporter: spray paint marks the starting point between the police and israel hernandez. the 18-year-old graffiti artist played this game before. tuesday morning, he brought a friend as a look out. >> the police came through. i was like yo, stop. >> reporter: he ran through buildings and over a fence when he ignored orders to stop, an officer fired a taser at hernandez's chest. he died a short time later in the hospital. >> this is the first time we have had someone die because of
6:35 am
a taser incident. >> i feel wronged. at no time was it going to be enough for me. >> reporter: those grieving the death remember him as skater and gifted artist who exhibited his work locally. >> he could do more than anybody. it was about art. he decided it. from then on, he just pursued it. >> reporter: his family is calling for an independent investigation. they don't believe his crime warranted the use of a taser. i want justice, his father says. i am asking for justice. amnesty international, which tracks taser deaths is concerned the devices are becoming a weapon of first resort. 90% of those who died after being shocked were unarmed. but, overall, medical expert says taser deaths are rare. >> we found something on the order of one per 100,000 arrests. >> it's important that carry fibrylators and trained. police confirm israel hernandez
6:36 am
was tasered. for "today," sarah nbc news. up next, more pain for r & b star usher. shortly after his son nearly drown in a swimming pool, the custody battle threatening to take his son away is after this. we're vampires after all. then we tried this nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains. now, we love mornings. it's amazing what we're getting done. [ laughs ] whoa. slow down, boy. mornings. who knew? kellogg's nutri-grain fruit crunch. love the morning. right now, get a thick, juicy sirloin, crispy fries, and a fresh garden salad for just $9.99. come enjoy our new steak lovers special today.
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6:39 am
a lot to talk about. r & b sensation usher. there morning, there's been a ruling, a judge dismissing his ex-wife's request for temporary custody after their 5-year-old son nearly drown in the swimming pool. we were there for the dramatic hearing. >> reporter: a battle in the bitter custody war over. a judge ruling usher can keep his two boys. >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: in court, his ex-wife broke down claiming the grammy award winner -- who sold more than 65 million albums
6:40 am
worldwide -- and judges nbcs "the voice" was hardly ever around putting their two kids at risk. >> it is chaos. chaos. >> reporter: she asked for the emergency hearing after a terrifying accident this week. >> is he breathing? is he breathing? >> reporter: usher raymond v was swimming when he got stuck in a drain. the boy's aunt had been supervising him. the singer canceled dozens of concerts. usher defended why he waited to call his ex-wife until after their son was in the hospital. >> i did not have a clear understanding of all the things that had taken place. i was reacting as any father would. >> reporter: for this family, it's been a tough few years. his 11-year-old son was hit and killed by a jet ski on a lake.
6:41 am
not long after that, a judge awarded usher primary custody of their two sons after a lengthy, public fight. >> a long divorce can impact the child. >> reporter: a custody war with no end in sight. >> only a very small about of evidence that was allowed in. this was an emergency. >> reporter: another court date slated for the end of the month. the most surprising gesture, a hug. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. i want to look at the rest of the week, what else happened in the world of showbiz. >> lola is here with the round
6:42 am
up. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> there's a big party tonight. i have to fly out after the show. >> he can't tell us where he's going. >> jennifer aniston is throwing a bash. there's a speculation it may be a cover for something else. >> this is the day he proposed to her last year. people are saying friends and family are coming over for a birthday, but it might be a surprise wedding. >> what do you think? >> it could be. it could be. think about it. it's a great way to have all your friends and family there, still keep the paparazzi at bay a little bit. it's low key. her last wedding literally had fireworks, a huge fireworks spectacle. this is a way to have everyone you love there and be intimate. > pics. we are talking about amanda bynes. her mother was granted temporary conservatorship. she's placed on a 30 day mental hold. >> psychiatric watch. >> a lot of people are hoping it
6:43 am
will help her recover. >> i'm hoping so. it's clear she's having trouble. it's finally, finally her parents stepped in. for months people wondered why weren't they there earlier. she was showing up to court in weird wigs, erratic behavior. her parents were nowhere to be found. >> wasn't that because of her age? they had to wait for certain things to happen? >> they did. there was a feeling why were they on the west coast when their daughter was melting down on the east coast. now that they are together, her mother is taking control of her finances and legal affairs. hopefully she's on the right track. look at britney spears. in 2011 everyone thought her career was dead. she shaved her head, beating up cars with umbrellas and now she's made a comeback. she's making $15 million a year to appear on "x-factor." it's not the end for amanda bynes, it could be the beginning of a come back. the next one is leann rimes.
6:44 am
>> go away. >> on the contrary, we are getting more with a new reality show. >> do you want anymore? >> i don't get it. it's a scripted reality show? >> it's scripted. >> i thought they were all real. >> exactly. >> it's scripted about their life. please, please, please, i beg of you, vh1 cancel the show before it airs. we have time to pull the plug on this. >> okay. you are saying bad idea? >> yes. >> i think they are doing it to redeem their image. they met under dooufious circumstances, they were both married, they had an affair on the set of "northern lights" in 2008. they seem to be happy. one sure way to end your relationship is to appear on a reality show. that's why i turned it down. >> get the cameras out of your home?
6:45 am
>> because our lives are so interesting. >> oprah getting a lot of buzz that she was not treated well in switzerland. >> she went into a store and was denied. she's shopping in zurich, attempts to buy a bag and the shop girl denies her a chance to look at the bag. she says to oprah winfrey, that this bag is too expensive for you. >> that clerk dispute that is account to some degree. my take away is there's a $38,000 purse? >> thank you. thank you. >> it is like $3.80 to oprah winfrey. still, $38,000 bag. get this, it's named the jennifer aniston. >> is it really? >> it's named the jennifer aniston.
6:46 am
>> i like how you tied that up. >> we'll leave it there. nice to see you. just ahead rksz, will the clock strike midnight on dylan as she becomes a princess? first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
6:47 am
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new from nature valley. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. a little girl-to-be. we know how important the princess thing is. >> it can be huge. >> dylan got to be a princess for a day. it's big business to come to birthday parties. are you listen, little baby? it's not easy. >> this is way more than playing dress up. it was an exhausting day of training in the morning, balloon animals and face painting. and ended, well, you'll see.
6:49 am
>> bippity, boppity, boo. >> at birthday parties, tulle and tiaras will do. look no further thand a princess visit. christine cox and crystal scott make a living giving little kids the royal treatment. it's not just about looking pretty. it's serious business. >> it is not easy becoming a princess. >> reporter: the process involves several interviews, a monologue and improves. >> we have categories of how we pick our princesses. >> they must love kids, must be kind and engaging, be detail oriented and responsible. >> a professional job. very skilled. i heard dylan is on her way. >> i don't know how they are going to transform me into a princess to perform at birthday
6:50 am
parties but i'm doing it in one day. >> why do you think you would be a good princess? >> what girl doesn't love dressing up. it would be so much fun. >> we would love to invite you to come back. >> i think it went well. once i get into interview mode, i want to be a princess. >> she has a lot of energy and smiles a lot. >> obviously, she is not an actor. >> she's a meteorologist. >> next up, my acting ability. i improv for a living. i think i can talk my way through it. >> i had to get into a taxi and it cost me $10 to get here. >> thank you, dylan. >> i'm sweating after that performance. an oscar may not be in my immediate future, but the show must go on and i needed to learn
6:51 am
how to courtesy, face paint and put on a wig before i was put to the test, performing at a real princess tea party. there are six 4-year-olds out there. they are the hardest critics. if i don't own up to this, they will see right through it. hi, girls. how are you? i see you all have your pretty princess dresses on. do you know who i am? >> cinderella. >> i am cinderella. being a princess is hard work. >> a little of this magic fairy dust. the hardest part for me, staying in character. i didn't know you girls were so magical. thankfully, the little girls didn't seem to notice. bye. thank you. >> thank you. >> it was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life.
6:52 am
i think i'll keep my day job, princess of all things, weather or meteorologist works, too. so i did end up having a lot of fun but it is serious business. 100 people audition for princesses and only five got the job. my biggest thing was i messed up the queen versus the evil stepmother. they called me out on it. >> you have to know your stuff. >> all the princesses are friends. they know all the stories. >> it's a really good -- >> this is all i know how to do in a ball gown. i don't know how else to walk. >> that was great. >> thank you. >> you asked her if she would be a princess at your daughter's party. >> i'm assuming this one is going to want it. >> i'll brush up on my knowledge so i'm more knowledgeable. >> thanks. we'll be right back. dove go fresh introduces
6:53 am
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watching a little girl become a little lady, today is going to be epic. and finding the courage to let her go. but what about the little victories? a smile... a confident glow... or a "thanks, mom." these are the victories we're famous for. famous brands, famously easy... famous footwear. victory is yours. i love the plates. nice to have you here with us. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> come back anytime. the foodie magician is back. >> tomorrow.
6:56 am
good morning, i'm kris sanchez and coming up today on "to d "today in the bay" it could be a tragic end for the missing woman from oakland and why authorities are calling off the search for sandra coke. >> once it was obvious that it was a medical mystery and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, i came to stanford. a silent epidemic that is hiding in the air, and why it is commonly misdiagnosed. and one more win and they are in. we are keeping a close eye on the little bay area little leaguers, and their quest for the world series. today in the bay is next. look at 'em.
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i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪ from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and looking live at the golden gate bridge, and the fog has lifted so we can see it, and we see a little blue sky in the distance. warm temperatures are in the forecast, too. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with
7:00 am
meteorologist anthony slaughter. super busy weekend and lots of people getting the kids ready for school, and baseball and -- >> jazz festivals and so much going on here, and a beautiful place to be and with the rest of the country talking about a heat waive. well, we are the envy of the nation with temperatures so comfortable. you can see the marine layer so thin so we will see u plenty of subshine today. if it has been cool for you this week, we will warm up this weeke weekend. we have airport delays to tell you about. one-hour delays on the arriving flights because of the low clouds and the drizzle. the low clouds are not that extensive and the marine layer is shallow. so once we hit 8:00 or 9:00, we will see sunshine in the city by the bay. 76 in san jose, and 88 in santa cruz, so wherever you go the temperatures are going to be comfortable, and we continue with the warming trend towards the beginning of the week. we will have

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